Recruitment Strategies

From the perspective of both businesses and recruitment agencies, using a number of different recruitment strategies can be a very advantageous choice. If you invest too heavily in a single strategy, such as by using LinkedIn, then chances are that you’re severely limiting your choice of applicants.

There are a number of ways that you can recruit new members of staff. Firstly, you can use the traditional method of creating a newspaper advert. While this isn’t as effective as it once was, it is also a lot cheaper than it used to be, and you might still get lucky.

You can also use social media to your advantage. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have been growing in importance for recruitment agencies, with them increasingly becoming the most important tool in their tool belt. Even businesses managing their own recruitment can take advantage of them easily enough.

Placing adverts on job boards, both paid and unpaid, can also be really effective. This way your job vacancy is brought to the attention of those seeking a job and other recruitment agencies acting as agents for those looking for new work.

Making an advert on your own website is yet another great strategy. People who are actively searching for a job will often search for and on industry websites to see if a job is available. It also doesn’t cost much money to place an advert on your own website, so it is definitely worth doing.

A lot of businesses don’t really have the resources to spend time actively looking for a job applicant by employing these strategies, which is why the best option for businesses in this situation is often to employ the services of a recruitment agency. While they don’t always get viewed with respect, if you find a good recruitment agency prepared to put in the hours to doggedly search for potential employees, then you can’t help but value their services.

Determining whether or not a recruitment agency meets this standard before you acquire their services can be nigh impossible, but it can be made easier by starting your vetting of the different recruitment agencies by looking at their payment plans.

Upfront payments should be avoided, but this can lead to having massive costs, as you may find that a recruitment agency could charge to 30 or even 40 percent of the yearly wage of the job being offered. You should use your best judgement to decide as to whether or not the deal you’re being offered by the agency is agreeable.

For the purposes of vetting a recruitment agency, it is necessary to preclude recruitment agencies which require an exclusive contract. You may need to hire multiple agencies to work alongside each other so that you can determine their effectiveness at delivering large numbers of suitable applicants, and you may want to continue looking for applicants yourself. If this is what you’re going to do, then you won’t be able to provide an exclusive contract to any recruitment agency.

It is also essential that when you acquire the services of recruitment agencies that you make sure that any agent you’re working with clearly understands what the available job entails. This will allow them to appropriately vet any applicants, with the result of you having far less time wasters applying for your job.